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Videofied – Totally Wireless Video Security | ACCEL - SECURITY SYSTEMS, CAMERAS, GENERATORS
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Accel Protection & Technologies, LLC, is proud to announce the latest alarm system we offer called Videofied. Videofied is a new motion sensor with an integrated camera which can send video over a cell network.

Motion activates the wireless night vision camera and records a 10 second video of what set off the motion sensor. The video is sent to the monitoring station and the site manager to verify if there is an intrusion or just a false alarm. Upon verification, police are dispatched to the crime-in progress. Videofied delivers real time alerts, not reruns on a DVR of yesterday’s crime!

Up to 24 motion viewers can be placed on a single system and since Videofied runs on batteries and sends video over a cell network, it can be installed anywhere and can be moved as the situation demands. Videofied is ideal for locations with no personnel present and little to no movement. The following are some examples of where Videofied can be utilized: construction sites, fenced in areas with lots of materials laying around, cell towers, crawfish ponds, air conditioners, camps, substations, school properties, and much more!

Call us today for a free live demonstration of Videofied or for your very own system!

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